About Us


Seiryo Junior and Senior High School is a secondary institution located in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. Established in 1975, Seiryo High School emphasizes academic achievement, athletic and cultural pursuits, and environmental awareness. Established in 2011, Seiryo Junior High School utilizes a comprehensive 6-year curriculum which aims to send its graduates to top universities in Japan.

Seiryo Junior and Senior High School has an annual enrollment of approximately 1400 students across four academic tracks.

Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology
SEIRYO Junior High School Principal : MASAAKI TSUBOI
SEIRYO Senior High School Principal : KAZUHIRO WATANABE

About Us

School Motto

Do everything earnestly
Think of others and act responsibly
Be disciplined

Educational Goals

To develop students that are healthy, independent and highly educated
To teach students to be original and independent learners
To have students respect culture and tradition

Educational Policy

To teach students the fundamentals of scholastic aptitude, and to appreciate each educational opportunity
To educate students on living with vitality and aspiration
To have students be disciplined, healthy and safe
To impart upon students the importance of nature and living peacefully with others